Rooting For Foxconn Chinadroid Devices is Painless - A688

Okay so I got myself a new Android gadget to play with and only recently looking for ways to root the device. It was bundled with 24 Gigs worth of data plan free for 1 year! Who wouldn’t want to tether the data stream right? Lucky for me, the device is actually from an OEM named Foxconn somewhere in China. People are already rooting their devices and I am up for some free data ;)

You might think that this is complicated? Well fortunately for us, the complicated part has already been done by the guys at Been a member since my first XDA and never looked away since. Before you go any further, I must tell you these facts and consequences by rooting you phone:

  1. The handset vendor can and may consider it void of warranty if you root the device.
  2. Currently available only with Donut (1.6) builds.
  3. If something goes wrong, bricking your phone is inevitable.
  4. I am not responsible for any catastrophe caused by rooting. Although I will say that with my handset it was smooth sail all the way!
The following are the steps you need to do to root your phone:
  1. Download an APK from XDA-Developers by clicking here. The forum post says that it’s for Nexus One but if you scroll further, you’ll see there’s a compatibility list stating that Vibo A688 is supported. That’s our cue :) Download the latest 1.6.1 version.
  2. Plug your handset, mount the SD Card on your desktop and transfer the APK to your SD Card.
  3. Use a file manager like Astro and browse to your SD Card folder. Tap the APK and install it.
  4. Find the newly installed application under the name Universal Androot.
  5. When it loads, you’ll have 3 options which are Android Version, Root or Unroot. What are you waiting for, go ahead and choose the firmware version (Superuser for Android 1.51.6). Now tap on ROOT.
  6. If you’re successful a message will say that the rooting process was a go.
Now that the rooting part is done, I’m installing Barnacle Wifi Tether to get me free data flow to my MacBook :D

Enjoy the freebies everyone ;)