Setting up #Android with #IndosatM2 Broom

I’ve had it with XL, my tolerance is over my threshold for patience. I turned to Indosat M2’s Broom Unlimited. For IDR 200.000 I got 3 GB of data at max speed and throttled down to 64 Kbps for overusages. It’s a good enough deal :)

So here’s the settings for your Android phone:

  • Name: im2 - change this to whatever you like
  • APN: indosatm2
  • Proxy: <Not Set>
  • Port: <Not Set>
  • Username: fill this with the username you registered your SIM card initially. If you haven’t registered, use indosatm2 and start your browser to initiate the registration process afterwards.
  • Password: same as above, use prabayar if you haven’t registered.
  • Server: <Not Set>
  • MMSC: <Not Set>
  • MMS Proxy: <Not Set>
  • MMS Port: <Not Set>
  • MCC: 510
  • MNC: 01
  • Authentication Type: PAP
  • APN Type: default,supl
My initial testing with the SpeedTest app from Ookla showed me 71 Kbps download and 348 Kbps upload, tested it near Poins Square, Lebak Bulus. Haven’t tested in other locations. Will do soon. Quite the dissappoinment at first.