My latest adventure!

I proclaim myself not just as a web developer but also a web hoster now :) Never really thought about it before until recently. I’m frustrated by the lack of options with just any web hosts. None really offers dynamics when it comes to what I need.

A purely simple example is SSH access. Have a look out there and almost none offer SSH. If security is their reasoning then their just not fit to become a web host. Not to say that there isn’t any flaws but web hosters nowadays don’t really understand what they’re doing. Some are just people with capital and enough interest towards the business with minimum technical expertise.

Anyways, after setting up the cPanel server, I was quite amused with cPanel itself. I used to hate it. I thought that although it’s more likely to be easier than CLIs but it lacks the flexibility of CLIs. But now since I’m a root user, the 2 automagically blend themeselves as a powerful mixture. DNS became very easy to administer.

Well intention with this business is to create possibilities and make it cheap yet reliable. Throw at me any of your needs and I’ll make sure you’ll get it at a price that won’t make you bedazzled. I’m still fairly a newbie with the business but definitely NOT a newbie with its technical side.

Without further ado, I present to you guys