Startup Belly

These past few weeks, I’ve been indulging myself into reading numerous articles both local and abroad about Startups. Most of the articles are written by people from outside the startup bubble looking inside. This boils down into again, Perspective. I’m sure everyone has got something to say about startups, so do I lol.

I am part of a Startup that has gone through significant changes internally. I say significant because it’s a different beast since I first joined. Not all of them are great but having the courage to do it gives us valuable experiences. Whether it’s a startup or a conventional company, everything is all about Management.

There are 2 quotes in my head that I can’t get off which are:

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation - Quoted from @liamtanu of Tokopedia

Investors invest on the TEAM - Quoted from @Remco_L of Tokobagus

Do you see any connection with those 2 quotes above? Being an avid Android developer, I would connect the dots like below:

The code above is an endless loop once it is ran. OKAY I get it, when do you exit right? Well that’s up to you guys as Founders (Share holders), there’s no right wrong because although there is no end ideally for the startup, you do have an end someday. BUT, the startup is already running well in its own endless loop, you have inherited a fine art of digging gold into every problems.

The codes speak for itself, I need not say more. If you understand the code, it’s a Github GIST, I invite you to extend it. There’s no one size fits all but it’s a start. Remember, YOU ARE YOU’RE OWN STARTUP!