StartupLokal 4.0 - The Build Up

Okay it’s 20 minutes after 1 AM, just got home and now writing about my favorite event every month: #StartupLokal. Held every first Thursday of the month. A quick statistic overview, tonight there are over than 103 participants registered. I’m sure there are more because not everyone is registered. The complete statistics for the event will be published ASAP.

I must say that it’s one of the most well planned and surprisingly packed with web celebs tonight’s #StartupLokal event. Tonight the men and women of Google from 3 different divisions came. Better late than never right? After a chat with Eugenie from Google Singapore, she told me about Google’s plans in Indonesia. I can’t say much but it is with good faith I say: It’s about time Google, where have you been all this time?

Tonight at #StartupLokal is a witness of the first event held with a stable and broadband level Internet connection. A Wimax receiver at the gate of Sriti Ballroom is like a welcoming signage :) Thank you TRG for providing us with all the goodies and freebies, most of #StartupLokal are bootstrappers, it’s great to experience these treats once in a while.

A well organized and prepared event is another milestone for #StartupLokal. The credit should mostly go to @novpratama and @phoetz for their valued support to the community. We had 2 pre-event meetings and numerous emails back and forth to make sure this event not only serve as an event but also an experience. Please accept my gratitude :)

If you guys take a moment and search for #StartupLokal hashtag on Twitter, you will see that most of the people who came were feeling empowered by the amount of energy and passion that are uploaded and downloaded during the event. That is what #StartupLokal is all about I feel. If you guys have seen Inception, you would appreciate how an idea can either corrupt people or instead empower them to be more and beyond who you are right now. Self development is key to successful startup, after all, YOU ARE YOUR OWN STARTUP.

So to close a wonderful night, I must say that tonight like in every startup’s plans, #StartupLokal has just reached a new milestone. This milestone still have lots of room for improvement and that’s the kind of build up I’m talking about in the blog post title. When we’re done improving, the fun time starts: INNOVATION. For an event that is only 4 months old, #StartupLokal is growing exponentially.

Do you guys ever realize that we startups sell intangible products we can’t actually touch? And yet it sells ;)