Stock Quotes for Android

Just done a new Android application called Stock Quotes. It’s a simple app that doesn’t get in your way and get reminders (notifications) of current stock prices. It is built with the new Android Studio and the development experience was pleasant to say the least.

This blog post is also a continuation of my previous post here. Since that particular post, 6 days have passed and the app I was talking about is done for v1.0.0.

Indonesian developers are not lucky enough to enjoy selling paid apps on Google Play Store. So I went looking for alternatives. What I found was Sell Box HQ. It basically takes a file from your DropBox or Google Drive account and sell them. Payments are made using PayPal.

Stock Quotes on the Google Play Store is a lite version that is enabled only to keep track 1 stock symbol. While the full version does not have any restrictions. The full version is sold at US$ 5 minimal, you could pay more though. Sell Box HQ enables a donation feature enabling sellers like myself to set a minimal price.

Here are some screenshots.

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