Superpowered Geeks

What a title lol! I just had one of the geekiest night just a few hours ago. Not in front of a laptop I might add, it’s one of those days when a few geeks gather to talk about geekness. The vitamin for the night are no other than towers and towers of Bali Hai beer at Bremer Kemang. Quite a night to wrap off a week full of prograsm :)

It all began with @AndreasFendri and @RidhiMahendra calling up to hang out just before upcoming holidays. Call it the last beer night of 2010 for the pack :) It so happens @Chazzuka is in town and together with @stevenp and Jinz. Me and Andre were late, we got caught up in Pasaraya to get something to eat first before the craziness starts :p

[caption id=“attachment_569” align=“aligncenter” width=“225” caption=“Behold the first tower of many”]Behold the first tower of many[/caption]

The first tower was ready for some pouring and Andre poured first. Well actually I poured first for him but he rejected my offering because of the bubbles lol. So after we all poured ourselves, the conversation started. Finally, I met Chazzuka (Ariel), this guy is one of a kind. His employer is very lucky to have him on board I might add.

For the earlier part of the night, I was involved in a very engaging debate about optimizing for performance a.k.a speed! Exactly what Urbanesia is on to right now. Learning from Chazzuka’s experience in optimizing Tokobagus' backend, Urbanesia is on track! I find it difficult to talk about these stuffs with others, not much startups out there with needs of optimization. So to have the chance to talk about it was a moment to enjoy. His passion speaks out man! His daughter is named:

Ruby Railisia

I tweeted about his daughter's name and it went viral instantly among us geeks!

[caption id=“attachment_570” align=“aligncenter” width=“225” caption=“Chazzuka Passionately Speaking About SOLR”]Chazzuka Passionately Speaking About SOLR[/caption]

For the 6 of us we had 6 towers and each had a shot of Vodka. So that’s 1 tower for each person + 1 shot of Vodka. One time that night, we talked about VARIABLES. WTF right? At its most basic form a variable holds the purity of every programming language! Declaring, modifying, overriding, falsifying, etc all happens in variables. A variable is the most primitive data structure and with that comes a whole new world of possibilities.

We all agreed one thing, as programmers, there is nothing certain. Put it plainly, whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong. As Chazzuka says, at that point the very mentality of a programmer is forged. He strongly believes a great programmer will always progressively enhance everything that can go wrong to a point where release early, release ofter is a need. Every programmer’s enemy is always the same, it’s him/herselves. Our thirst of challenges and most definitely to learn new things is our own worst nightmare and also our sweet dreams.

When you’re into it so deep, you don’t think about anything else, he said it’s like a state of psychedelic experience but without the drugs. A friend of mine @Arieditya will call it PROGRASM! There is nothing too difficult and I believe all of us who have did more than a “Hello World” will comprehend. It’s so undeniable that as geeks, we are powered by our passion, work is play, play is work. That’s a grassroot statement!

[caption id=“attachment_571” align=“aligncenter” width=“225” caption=“Jinz KO”]Jinz KO[/caption]

Bremer gets more lively as the night continued. We see people dancing on top of tables with the occasional sexual gestures lol. But that didn’t stop our talks about geekness. It’s like when in Jogja, the TV at the room was never turned on, we all used our own laptops even though there was no internet hahaha. The behavior pattern is I feel real with every geek gathering. Geeks are no longer matched with a nerdy stereotype, geeks are cool because they are. The responsibility is huge as one but the payoff of getting orgasms here and there when you do something impossible is just priceless.

After a very geeky night at Bremer, we headed to Gandaria to have one of the best midnight gule in Jakarta: Nasi Gule Gandaria. The guys were already too drunk but what’s amazing is that they still eat lots of gule lol. I myself ate 2 portions hahaha. The topic at the Gule stall was still variables lol. We had an amazing moment with it!

Thanks for a very lively geek night guys, you guys rock! Proud to have known you guys from Tokobagus!