30 July 2010 by Batista Harahap on bancakan | Me.java | sell yourself | StartupLokal

Sell yourself by being yourself!

YOU are your own Startup! Bancakan v5 - Selling MeView more presentations from Batista R. Harahap. package me.myself; import humility.*; import geekdom.*; import google.*; import experience.*; import vision.*; public class Me extends Myself throws NegativityException { public String me = "Batista Harahap"; public Humility humble; public Geekdom geek; public Experience exp;

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29 July 2010 by Batista Harahap on 3D Compass | Android | Augmented Reality | augsatnav | bancakan | bandung | fowab | jogja | Lookator | My Augmented Reality | travel | TravelCamerAR | Twidroyd | wikitude

Android Apps for Travelling

Today is a start of a 2 days trip to Bacakan, Jogja and FOWAB, Bandung. For this reason, I started hunting for Android apps that are tailored made for travelers. Definitely the kind of apps offer travel-ease and maybe some local content if available. By the way, I haven't used

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