21 June 2014 by Batista Harahap on indonesia | jakarta | jokowi | opung | presiden

Capres Pilihan

Ini bukan blog post tentang siapa yang lebih unggul dari kedua pasangan Capres & Cawapres. Sama sekali tidak bermaksud untuk bilang yang satu lebih kurang dibanding yang lain, tidak. Ini adalah sesuatu yang sangat personal untuk saya karena selama 5 tahun ke depan kepada pasangan terpilih, masa depan saya dan

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27 June 2013 by Batista Harahap on audit | indonesia | ssl | websites

SSL Audit - Top Indonesian Websites

I came across Qualys SSL Labs a few minutes ago while reading through Hacker News. Immediately triggered my interest to question how secure top websites in Indonesia when it comes to their SSL. Urbanesia Since I am at Urbanesia, the first goto is clear. Typed in Urbanesia.com and the

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26 August 2012 by Batista Harahap on communication | competition | future | indonesia | innovation | mindset | product | sap | techie | Technology | toonie

Products & Technology

Tons of blogs and various other reading sources discuss about products & technology across different perspectives and also geographically. What may be successful in one country (area) could be successful in other places or it may fail horribly. The point is, products are hand made using technology as its driver,

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25 September 2011 by Batista Harahap on digital | digital landscape | geek | geekdom | indonesia | jakarta | landscape | mindset | startup | StartupLokal | stereotypes

The Indonesian Digital Landscape From a Developer's Point of View

These past few months I had spent my days developing, I've been out from the digital community for quite a while. Only a few meetups with light discussions were my extracurricular activities, the rest was mostly spent learning on new platforms and new mindsets. It's been more than a year

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