21 June 2013 by Batista Harahap on code | end | fun | javascript | means | php | python

Means To an End

It has been quite a while since my first Hello World in BASIC and I have since absorbed a few more languages to my liking. Back in college, C and C++ were 2 of the primary languages taught which is fine. But then, there's this junior who asked me: "Why

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05 August 2011 by Batista Harahap on bash | basic | c | cassandra | hello world | java | javascript | marriage | marry | nosql | objective c | perl | php | python | ruby | sql | virgin | virginity | woman | women

Tweeting #JustForFun

Java is an interesting fat lady if ur into BBW PHP is a supermodel still figuring out her identity JavaScript is a transvestite in Thailand: sexy, hot but not a woman still C is the girl that got away Objective C is someone you'd marry if you just spend more

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