22 May 2010 by Batista Harahap on Android | Augmented Reality | augsatnav | cell tower | gps | iphone | layar | Location Based Services | Mobile | symbian | wikitude

Istri ketiga, keempat dan kelima AR

Sebelum mulai dengan artikel ini, saya refresh dulu memori istri-istri AR. Istri ketiga dan keempat AR jika disatukan menjadi Mobile Location Based Service dan say hello kepada istri kelima AR yaitu WWW alias World Wide Web atau yang biasa dikenal sebagai Web. Melalui kedua video sebelumnya, dapat anda saksikan sebuah

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13 May 2010 by Batista Harahap on Android | Augmented Reality | eclipse | gps | java | json | Location Based Services | Tutorial | urbanesia | wikitude

Augmented Reality with #Wikitude API

I told you before that I'm gonna talk about another Augmented Reality framework. The framework is a great product from one of Augmented Reality's early adopter namely Wikitude. Generally speaking, it's more complicated than Mixare but offers more customization and definitely more features. I'm gonna build this tutorial with the

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06 April 2010 by Batista Harahap on adobe air | adobe flash | ar | Augmented Reality | cs5 | lbs | Location Based Services | Mobile | Open Source | phonegap | Technology | titanium developer | Web

A New Breed of Web Potentials

This year 2010 is set to be a cloudy year! Why? Well it's practically the year where everything cloudy are launched. Web Development has never been so fun and so fresh before. The mobile world is getting its taste of how The Web will change its course. [caption id="attachment_

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