17 February 2014 by Batista Harahap on Hackintosh | Mac | mavericks

Hackintosh Rig 2014

A few weeks ago my brother in law asked me to help him build a Hackintosh rig. I obliged with the utmost curiosity. It's been a while since I last built one so this will be interesting. The first thing I did was heading to InsanelyMac's forums. There were a

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05 August 2011 by Batista Harahap on base station | blackberry | cell tower | cid | gps | jde | lac | lbs | location | location base | location based | Mac | urbanesia

Blackberry Coordinates From Cell Tower

I'm beginning to like coding in Blackberry since now an official JDE for Mac is available. Then I decided to have a look and prepare myself for some rather annoying but pleasant surprise from Blackberry's JDE. To be honest, I don't like Blackberry's behavior of complicating simple things. But then

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24 November 2010 by Batista Harahap on compile | fulltext | fulltext search engine | install | Mac | realtime indexes | search engine | snow leopard | sphinx | Tutorial

Sphinx - Fulltext Search Engine - Part 1

It has been a few weeks after my first encounter with this Egyptian named gem called Sphinx. At first glance, it's complicated when looking at an already made sphinx.conf. However, after careful redesigning and re-tinkering, it turns out to be one of the most flexible and yet light fulltext

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