07 June 2013 by Batista Harahap on bayes | cython | Open Source | pypi | python | redis

Naive Bayes Classifier in Python v1.0.4

Just finished work on a Naive Bayes Classifier in Python. Was interested to benchmark Python performance with large data sets. Also had the chance to get to know more about Cython. Indeed as a C extension, it increased performance. So this project all started from my own implementation in PHP

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09 January 2012 by Batista Harahap on api | client | oauth | oauthnesia | Open Source | php | urbanesia

OAUTHnesia for PHP

It's 2012 now and Urbanesia is publishing a new OAUTHnesia client for Urbanesia's API. This time it's for PHP. Why it took so long to actually finish a PHP version is because we gave up on a third party library that is too complicated to do simple things. So without

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15 May 2010 by Batista Harahap on Android | api | gpl | Open Source | urbanesia api

@Urbanesia API #Android Class

It's been quite a day today. Did some code reworking with an app I showed you guys in my last posts. I decided to publish the Urbanesia class to Google Code and make it GPL v2. I encourage everyone to contribute and make more modifications. I'm not as experienced as

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