21 June 2013 by Batista Harahap on code | end | fun | javascript | means | php | python

Means To an End

It has been quite a while since my first Hello World in BASIC and I have since absorbed a few more languages to my liking. Back in college, C and C++ were 2 of the primary languages taught which is fine. But then, there's this junior who asked me: "Why

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10 November 2012 by Batista Harahap on api | chuck | chuck norris | icndb | norris | php


It is what is - A PHP client to get Chuck Norris from The Internet Chuck Norris Database: icndb.com. Codes at the usual - https://github.com/tistaharahap/chuck-norris-php Chuck will come after you...you have been warned!

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17 October 2012 by Batista Harahap on bayes | classifier | io | machine learning | mongodb | mysql | naive bayes classifier | node.js | php | redis | socket | websocket

Naive Bayes Classifier - Revisited

During the last week, I've been following up work with a side project to do machine learning with Urbanesia's comprehensive data. A lot of late night reading and fiddling with foreign codes were the highlights of my last week. Wanted to elaborate my implementations and how several kinds of technologies

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28 February 2012 by Batista Harahap on bayes | bayesian | github | handlersocket | mongodb | mysql | naive bayes classifier | naive bayesian classifier | opensource | php | probability

Simple Naive Bayes Classifier for PHP

Recently Hacker News is flooded with numerous articles discussing or at least mentioning Naive Bayes Classifier algorithm. It's a basic algorithm to classify a set of words into a certain category (set) based on prior learning of words and its probabilities. It sounds simple enough but without actual technical guide

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09 January 2012 by Batista Harahap on api | client | oauth | oauthnesia | Open Source | php | urbanesia

OAUTHnesia for PHP

It's 2012 now and Urbanesia is publishing a new OAUTHnesia client for Urbanesia's API. This time it's for PHP. Why it took so long to actually finish a PHP version is because we gave up on a third party library that is too complicated to do simple things. So without

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