14 March 2014 by Batista Harahap on hack | python | start | icehouse

Icy Start - Soon!

It's 14 March 2014 and 2 things have happened. The first is @Jokowi_do2 running for President, Yeay! And the second is me finalizing my beginning at Ice House! After resigning from Urbanesia, more doors opened. I am humbled by the opportunities offered but Ice House is hard to resist.

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17 January 2014 by Batista Harahap on cubieboard | classifier | performance | python | redis | server | benchmark | digital ocean | cluster | low end

Squeezing Cubieboard for Performance

For the past month, I've been pleasantly hacking my Cubieboard to try out several different things. This time, I wanna know how performant Cubieboard is. Benchmarks are configured in such a way to replicate a real Web Application. Preparing Here are the specs for my Cubieboard: AllWinner A10 ARM Single

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28 December 2013 by Batista Harahap on flask | mongodb | python | root | monitor | android

Monitoring Android with Flask

This blog post is a mirror and a more detailed representation of the materials I'm talking about at Kopi Darat Python Indonesia - December 2013. Slides can only say so much, here is where the intimacy starts. Warning Any and all of the information including source code available here are

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21 December 2013 by Batista Harahap on hack | cubieboard | pptp | vpn | remote | python | ubuntu | tunnel

Cubieboard - Part 2 - VPN

So after setting my Cubieboard for my liking, another thing I want is to be able to access it anywhere and anytime. The trouble is, the ISP I am with right now is blocking all incoming ports, needs a work around. After some browsing and also from past experiences, I

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