Juggling 2010 for 2011

It is now the 28th day of December 2010, rounding up to be one of the most inspiring year I have had so far. This year, a multitude of blessings and opportunities presented themselves to a point where I feel I am a child again this December excited about what I’m gonna get this Christmas. It is not without a great deal of struggle, that is a definition of me. [Read More]

Do or Die!

This is it! It feels like everything that I’ve done back in 2009 is leading me to 2010. I have no idea how 2010 is gonna affect me, it’s not my privilege to say what’s gonna happen. I’m just adding it all up and now, it’s becoming more of a fact than merely dreams. My gratefulness span to my family and friends who are always been a part of me. Your motivation to me has always been perceived in a positive way. [Read More]