30 Is The New 20

First and foremost, Happy 7th of August everyone! This is a day of joy as the default theme. Have a blessed and fruitful Tuesday for everyone. Looking back 10 years ago when I was having my 20th birthday, it was a different experience. Back then was full of ideals, theories and mostly anger. Those 3 things shaped the last 10 years of my life in it entirety. Now, that anger have been turned more into spirit, a rebellion spirit I might assert. [Read More]

Happy 7th of August Everyone!

Yeay the best part of every year :) Thanks for all the wishes guys! The first wish award was won by @andreasfendri exactly 1 minute after 00.00. This year is quite the treat for me, the 28th 7th of August and the deadline is now 2 years and counting hehehe. Please accept my gratitude from all the warm wishes. Interesting to see how social media is now really a social network. [Read More]