Android Apps for Travelling

Today is a start of a 2 days trip to Bacakan, Jogja and FOWAB, Bandung. For this reason, I started hunting for Android apps that are tailored made for travelers. Definitely the kind of apps offer travel-ease and maybe some local content if available. By the way, I haven’t used all of them extensively but worthy of installation nevertheless. So let’s start with the list! Wikitude - This is the first app that came into mind. [Read More]

Poligamy AR - Redesigned UI - by @andreasfendri

Hi everyone. This past few weeks, a friend of mine @andreasfendri is working on a renewed UX for Poligamy AR. I am in debt with him and please accept my thanks ndre :) Back to Poligamy AR, it’s a needed refreshment from the standard Android UI set. The design is now featuring custom made tabs and list view. Looking at the design initially, I was impressed with Andre’s touch of modern UI and combining it with wooden elements. [Read More]

Istri ketiga, keempat dan kelima AR

Sebelum mulai dengan artikel ini, saya refresh dulu memori istri-istri AR. Istri ketiga dan keempat AR jika disatukan menjadi Mobile Location Based Service dan say hello kepada istri kelima AR yaitu WWW alias World Wide Web atau yang biasa dikenal sebagai Web. Melalui kedua video sebelumnya, dapat anda saksikan sebuah aplikasi Android yang memanfaatkan hampir semua istri AR sejauh ini dalam satu aplikasi. Dengan menggunakan fitur-fitur deteksi lokasi yang terdapat pada hampir semua smartphone saat ini, AR telah berubah menjadi sebuah aplikasi yang memberikan pratayang kepada kita semua tentang masa depan. [Read More]

Poligamy AR - Now Available at Android Market

Yippy now Poligamy is available at Android Market globally :) Need everyone’s help to tear down and find bugs with the app so I decided to publish it. I’m game for a bug huting session! By using your own Android Market app, search for Poligamy or Augmented Reality as the search terms. Better yet, you can scan the QR code below and it will take you to the app. [caption id=“attachment_363” align=“aligncenter” width=“248” caption=“Poligamy-qr”][/caption] [Read More]

Augmented Reality App: Poligamy - In Action

Hello again. Happy Sunday everyone! I compiled a video about Poligamy in action. It basically features the barebones of Poligamy. The location data is courtesy of Thanks bro :) [vsw id=“ia9ArARK_jM” source=“youtube” width=“425” height=“344” autoplay=“no”] This video is meant to show the world that Indonesia is right on track technologically speaking. Poligamy is powered by Mediafusion Interactive Communication and a box of The Laughing Cow Belcube - Cheese Spread Cubes. [Read More]

[HELP] Beta Testers Wanted for an Android App

Good evening all. Continuing my Guest Post at, I’m beta testing an Android app titled Poligamy lol. Need your help :) It’s an app to test real world HTTP connections and also to test Location-related features. I added an Augmented Reality viewer to trigger your geek souls hehe. Poligamy is built upon the Urbanesia class I posted before. It gets its POI data from Urbanesia and distribute the data into 3 main parts of the app which are List View, Map View and Augmented Reality View. [Read More]

Poligami ala Augmented Reality

Akhir-akhir ini saya yakin sudah sering mendengar istilah Augmented Reality (Realitas Tertambah). Jika ditelusuri perkembangannya, aplikasi AR sudah ada jauh sejak generasi HP dengan kamera terintegrasi. Menurut Wikipedia (Bahasa Indonesia), AR jika kita lihat definisinya adalah sebagai berikut: Realitas tertambah, atau kadang dikenal dengan singkatan bahasa Inggrisnya AR (augmented reality), adalah teknologi yang menggabungkan benda maya tiga dimensi ke dalam sebuah lingkungan nyata tiga dimensi dan menampilkannya dalam waktu nyata. Saya kira definisinya dalam Bahasa Indonesia kurang tepat jika dibandingkan dengan definisi Bahasa Inggris menurut Wikipedia: Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. [Read More]

Augmented Reality with #Wikitude API

I told you before that I’m gonna talk about another Augmented Reality framework. The framework is a great product from one of Augmented Reality’s early adopter namely Wikitude. Generally speaking, it’s more complicated than Mixare but offers more customization and definitely more features. I’m gonna build this tutorial with the following features: External Data Source - I’m using JSON from API. In-app WebView bindings - To display WebViews of any POIs URL. [Read More]

Another #Mixare Snippet

Lately, there’s been quite an amount of traffic to my blog related to Mixare. So I figure why not share more insights. You are most welcomed to share too by commenting this or other Mixare posts. To be honest, I’ve been focusing my efforts with another yet closed source Augmented Reality viewer in Android. I will post a tutorial soon. From all the frameworks I got my hands on, I must say Mixare is the simplest and most definitely easier to implement than any other frameworks. [Read More]

Mixare Augmented Reality Tutorial

Good evening to you guys before I start. [flashvideo file= /] I’ve been in guerilla mode for Augmented Reality solutions these past few weeks and I found Mixare to be one of the best to date. It’s Open Source and have put enough knowledge in my head to make my own app. I wanna share the knowledge I got from Mixare. This is my contribution. Before starting, please make sure you have all the requirements of a regular Android development environment. [Read More]