Mac To Windows In 2021

Mac To Windows In 2021
I made the switch. Not sure if this is going to last but I’m here nevertheless. This blog post is discussing the why and what happened afterwards. The switch came in the form of a Dell XPS 15 9500, supposedly a premium Windows laptop for the mass. Content creators love it, let’s see if the same sentiment echoes with me. Why? Because my Macbook Air M1 is still not in a good place for programming. [Read More]

Macbook Air M1 Experience for a Software Engineer

Macbook Air M1 Experience for a Software Engineer
In short, It’s GREAT! What can I say more other than it’s just a fantastic machine to play with. At the moment I have a Macbook Pro 16" i9 top of the line, a Ryzen 5600X gaming PC and this new laptop. The i9 16" is just not in the same league as this M1 Air. But that’s not all I have to say, I’m looking at this from a software engineer’s point of view. [Read More]

Burn Windows 10 ISO To A USB Drive From A Mac

Burn Windows 10 ISO To A USB Drive From A Mac
I’m on a hackintosh, it gets tricky when trying to burn a Windows 10 ISO to a USB drive. Google comes up with a variety of different ways, none worked until I come across a Super User post here. It’s great but the actual burning process is slower than it should. The post tells you to output dd to a buffered /dev/diskX device. This means there will be processing overhead from the OS to write to that device. [Read More]

Making Homebrew Play Nice with Sphinx & MySQL

So I’m revisiting an old friend, Sphinx. It’s been a while and warming up to Sphinx’s new features. However, when I tried to brew install it, I got no MySQL support.

The above gets more complicated because I’m not using vanilla MySQL, instead I’m using Percona Server on my machine. So to get thing going, here’s what I did.

$ brew unlink percona-server
$ brew install mysql-connector-c
$ brew link percona-server
$ brew install sphinx --mysql


Hackintosh Rig 2014

A few weeks ago my brother in law asked me to help him build a Hackintosh rig. I obliged with the utmost curiosity. It’s been a while since I last built one so this will be interesting. The first thing I did was heading to InsanelyMac’s forums. There were a lot of guides but one that interests me is the Mavericks guides. I downloaded a copy of it before for my Macbook. [Read More]

Building Android Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7.1 for Nexian Journey - Mac OS X Lion

Owkay, this is my first shot at compiling and building CyanogenMod 7.1 for Nexian Journey. Been trying to do so for the last 8 hours with only now I’m seeing some light on how to do it properly with Mac OS X Lion. Before starting, you should check out these resources to gain some grasp about the whole process: Google's official documentation CyanogenMod official instructions for Commtiva Z71 Marko Gargenta's fabulous screencast part 1 and part 2 Modaco's tips & trick compiling CyanogenMod in OS X Lion here The Nexian Journey MUST already be rooted, steps are located here Coffee and about 3+ hours to spend when building the first time From here on, the road will be bumpy and I warn you, your Internet bandwidth is gonna play a big part in finishing up all the necessary steps. [Read More]

Blackberry Coordinates From Cell Tower

I’m beginning to like coding in Blackberry since now an official JDE for Mac is available. Then I decided to have a look and prepare myself for some rather annoying but pleasant surprise from Blackberry’s JDE. To be honest, I don’t like Blackberry’s behavior of complicating simple things. But then I learned a lot from the codes. Urbanesia is a location based service and therefore location is very important. I’ve been trying out a few ways to get the device’s location and after all the things I’ve tried, I resorted into plain GMM solution. [Read More]

Trying Out Mac OS X Lion - Gold Release

This weekend is spent trying out and figuring out the latest Mac OS X evolution which is Lion. It’s my second time installing Lion, the first time was with the first seed released by Apple. This time is the so called Gold Release that will most likely be prime candidate for a full release. I got this DMG from the usual suspects and while reading its installation instruction, I was glad to know that it doesn’t involve any DVD disc to do so. [Read More]

Sphinx - Fulltext Search Engine - Part 1

It has been a few weeks after my first encounter with this Egyptian named gem called Sphinx. At first glance, it’s complicated when looking at an already made sphinx.conf. However, after careful redesigning and re-tinkering, it turns out to be one of the most flexible and yet light fulltext search engine available today. There are others but nothing as light, fast and sleek as Sphinx. The cold truth is that Sphinx is supporting SQL based databases as far as I know. [Read More]

A #hackintosh for everyone hehe - Part 1

Today was a loooong day. Started the day with a meeting with @farry till late in the afternoon and went back to the office to do some more work for Android. Coupled with 3 very bad experiences in 1 day from XL, it’s a long and complete day. I thought why not make some fun by building a hackintosh? I have 2 unused PCs at home and I’m not wasting them. [Read More]