Download Flash 10.1 Beta for Android Froyo 2.2

Okay so you’ve updated your Android to Froyo 2.2 but when you go into Flash enabled websites, what’s supposed to be Flash applets is just a blue box with a question mark. So other than the speed acceleration and other below-the-hood upgrades, where’s that Flash support Google and Adobe is barking about? Don’t get all too disappointed because you can install Flash now. For some reason, in my Nexus One, Flash wasn’t there. [Read More]

Update Your Nexus One to Froyo - Android 2.2 NOW!

I’m one of the happiest Nexus One owner today! Thanks to the guys at Modaco, my Nexus One is now an official Froyo! It’s the biggest smile I’ve had since a while lol. Updating it was a breeze as long as your Nexus One is already rooted. Next up is a walkthrough on how to get a Froyo for yours. [caption id=“attachment_376” align=“aligncenter” width=“230” caption=“Froyo anyone?”][/caption] First of before going any further, you MUST root your Nexus One first. [Read More]

Poligamy AR - Now Available at Android Market

Yippy now Poligamy is available at Android Market globally :) Need everyone’s help to tear down and find bugs with the app so I decided to publish it. I’m game for a bug huting session! By using your own Android Market app, search for Poligamy or Augmented Reality as the search terms. Better yet, you can scan the QR code below and it will take you to the app. [caption id=“attachment_363” align=“aligncenter” width=“248” caption=“Poligamy-qr”][/caption] [Read More]

Augmented Reality App: Poligamy - In Action

Hello again. Happy Sunday everyone! I compiled a video about Poligamy in action. It basically features the barebones of Poligamy. The location data is courtesy of Thanks bro :) [vsw id=“ia9ArARK_jM” source=“youtube” width=“425” height=“344” autoplay=“no”] This video is meant to show the world that Indonesia is right on track technologically speaking. Poligamy is powered by Mediafusion Interactive Communication and a box of The Laughing Cow Belcube - Cheese Spread Cubes. [Read More]

Setting up #Android with #IndosatM2 Broom

I’ve had it with XL, my tolerance is over my threshold for patience. I turned to Indosat M2’s Broom Unlimited. For IDR 200.000 I got 3 GB of data at max speed and throttled down to 64 Kbps for overusages. It’s a good enough deal :) So here’s the settings for your Android phone: Name: im2 - change this to whatever you like APN: indosatm2 Proxy: <Not Set> Port: <Not Set> Username: fill this with the username you registered your SIM card initially. [Read More]

Another #Mixare Snippet

Lately, there’s been quite an amount of traffic to my blog related to Mixare. So I figure why not share more insights. You are most welcomed to share too by commenting this or other Mixare posts. To be honest, I’ve been focusing my efforts with another yet closed source Augmented Reality viewer in Android. I will post a tutorial soon. From all the frameworks I got my hands on, I must say Mixare is the simplest and most definitely easier to implement than any other frameworks. [Read More]

Using Your Nexus One as a 3G Wifi Router

I tweeted earlier because of seeing me just tapping & running Barnacle Wifi Tethering on my Nexus One while I was on the go to get Internet, my gf wants one. Here’s how to spice up your mobility with Nexus One. [caption id=“attachment_299” align=“aligncenter” width=“135” caption=“Scan to Download Barnacle”][/caption] When you got it installed, follow the steps below to use it: Make sure your APN settings is already working meaning you can browse and do other stuffs with your 3G connection. [Read More]

Rooting My Nexus One - Cyanogen Mod

Okay let me be straight up to you first, I rooted my Nexus One a few hours after I got it :) Here’s my experience rooting it. [caption id=“attachment_292” align=“alignnone” width=“274” caption=“Google Nexus One”][/caption] Before I start, while searching for a good picture of a Nexus One, I opened up Google’s official Nexus One web page. The Nexus One picture was actually a Flash applet lol. I hope this means that Google and Adobe are now soulmates lol. [Read More]

Mixare Augmented Reality Tutorial

Good evening to you guys before I start. [flashvideo file= /] I’ve been in guerilla mode for Augmented Reality solutions these past few weeks and I found Mixare to be one of the best to date. It’s Open Source and have put enough knowledge in my head to make my own app. I wanna share the knowledge I got from Mixare. This is my contribution. Before starting, please make sure you have all the requirements of a regular Android development environment. [Read More]

Google Nexus One, How GREAT!

Okay I just got myself a Google Nexus One from one of the best Indonesian community in the WWW. Kaskus’ FJB is the most exciting e-commerce website for Indonesians. I’m still waiting for my Android SDK downloads to finish and I though why not blog about my new toy :) While unboxing the N1, I noticed that the packaging is quite sleek with Google colors accentuated just enough to have a Googlish feeling about the box. [Read More]