Thank You, Urbanesia

So when joining Urbanesia on July 2010, I wrote a blog post about it. It’s only right to bid farewell to Urbanesia with a blog post too. Yesterday, 30 January 2014 was my last day there. It’s been ~3.5 years since I first joined Urbanesia and a lot has changed since then. The most notable change being Kompas Group of Digital’s “Strategic Alliance” and Urbanesia’s direction for the future with its first taste of e-commerce in Indonesia. [Read More]

The Indonesian Digital Landscape From a Developer's Point of View

These past few months I had spent my days developing, I’ve been out from the digital community for quite a while. Only a few meetups with light discussions were my extracurricular activities, the rest was mostly spent learning on new platforms and new mindsets. It’s been more than a year since my first introduction to the digital community in Indonesia. StartupLokal was the first amongst many. Nowadays, I haven’t attended the monthly meetups due to conflicting schedules. [Read More]

Bancakan 7th Meetup Trip

Wow my second trip to Bancakan, Jogja was full of positivity, optimism and of course knowledge. The trip was 2 days 1 night but the experience I absorbed was well beyond the quantity. The theme for the Bancakan event was Wordpresspreneur. Startups and entrepreneurs as speakers came from Bandung and in and around Jogja. The lineup was very enlightening to say the least :) From Jakarta, I went with Sagad (@sagad) and Ollie (@salsabeela) by train. [Read More]

StartupLokal 4.0 - The Build Up

Okay it’s 20 minutes after 1 AM, just got home and now writing about my favorite event every month: #StartupLokal. Held every first Thursday of the month. A quick statistic overview, tonight there are over than 103 participants registered. I’m sure there are more because not everyone is registered. The complete statistics for the event will be published ASAP. I must say that it’s one of the most well planned and surprisingly packed with web celebs tonight’s #StartupLokal event. [Read More]

Sell yourself by being yourself!

YOU are your own Startup! Bancakan v5 - Selling MeView more presentations from Batista R. Harahap. package me.myself; import humility.*; import geekdom.*; import google.*; import experience.*; import vision.*; public class Me extends Myself throws NegativityException { public String me = "Batista Harahap"; public Humility humble; public Geekdom geek; public Experience exp; private Ideas idea; public Vision v; Handler h = new Handler() { @Override public void handleMessage(Message msg) { switch(msg.what) { case GOT_EXPERIENCE: exp. [Read More]

Morning Glory

Does any of you guys know what Morning Glory means? I can think of 3 definitions and one of them is sexual hahaha. Well this morning I was lucky enough to experience Morning Glory. I am NOT a morning person. It’s like coded in my genes that everything works after sunset BUT the recent changes of direction in my life are affecting me in a peculiar way. Anyways, this morning I had coffee with @rampok at Starbucks Melawai. [Read More]

V3 of StartupLokal at Telkom GCC

For the last 2 #StartupLokal I was high because of its geeky spirit. You CANNOT buy geekiness cos it’s coming from deep inside of you, it’s who you are. V3 is getting less geeky and more corporate. Is it a price geeks pay for more exposures among other freebies? I’m trying to figure out why the last 2 events were such inspiring moments for me and yet this third one felt more like a seminar. [Read More]

Being a StartupLokal

Tonight was a StartupLokal meeting with @novpratama, @phoetz, @MissDimps, @rampok, @sagad, @nataliardianto and @nuniek. We gathered at Pizza e Birra, Plaza Indonesia EX and watched SVN vs ENG afterwards right there. The agenda of the meeting was to talk about the directions of where StartupLokal is going. Out of all the interesting topics, one topic that caught my attention was how to be a StartupLokal. I guess here in Indonesia you guys as a StartupLokal would agree that although it’s time consuming, money-vacuum, sleepless nights, change of biology clock, uncertainty and all the other traits of being one; it’s a risk we all are more than willing to take and getting through it one smile at a day. [Read More]

A Very Full & Startup-esque Week

Okay last week was an amazing one. It’s a change from my routines albeit a welcomed one :) A lot of things happened in just 1 week both personally and professionally. First of all, my very own startup Ktemu is on a new milestone on the roadmap. Before actually launching later this coming months, I decided to go directly into the market. Ktemu is targeted as a B2B and also B2C startup. [Read More]