Church and Technology

Had an eventful night and for the first time in my life, I am of service to my Church. A few weeks ago, I read about the Church’s Database team needing help in technical areas. Always wanted to somehow offer myself for service and the chance is now. Last week was the first meeting talking about what the general concepts are. I was surprised really. The Church elders always seem like they are a few generations behind but the meeting last week showed none of it. [Read More]

Products & Technology

Tons of blogs and various other reading sources discuss about products & technology across different perspectives and also geographically. What may be successful in one country (area) could be successful in other places or it may fail horribly. The point is, products are hand made using technology as its driver, a fact that is always true anywhere in the world. So what’s the deal here in Indonesia? Usually between products & technology, they both play catch up with each other depending on the product owner’s focus. [Read More]

Code Hinting & Autocompletion for CodeIgniter in PHPStorm

Finally, moving back and forth between models, views and controllers is just too distracting and time consuming. I had to find another way to navigate my way between codes. I tweeted asking about alternative IDEs in Mac OS X to achieve this. Turns out there is a way! I got a tip from @LuisFAlonso (THANK YOU!) to check out instructions from a blog here. I followed the instructions and restarted PHPStorm afterwards. [Read More]

Tech & More @ Singapore

Okay, back in Jakarta after a 4 days trip to Singapore. Thanks to the organizing committee and the panelists for inviting Mediafusion to Singapore to present our ideas. Although the presentation was a fairly unprepared ordeal for us to say the least, we managed to get our ideas in the open and have gotten inputs and most importantly critics. [caption id=“attachment_251” align=“alignnone” width=“423” caption=“Mediafusion @ Singapore's NUS”][/caption] We met a fellow Indonesian also contesting for Echelon 2010, Fajar. [Read More]

A New Breed of Web Potentials

This year 2010 is set to be a cloudy year! Why? Well it’s practically the year where everything cloudy are launched. Web Development has never been so fun and so fresh before. The mobile world is getting its taste of how The Web will change its course. [caption id=“attachment_181” align=“aligncenter” width=“282” caption=“Web 3.0”][/caption] Over the years, your mobile phone anywhere in the world has been a primary need in metropolitans. When it’s came to this stage, mobile phones are practically a part of our daily routines. [Read More]