XL Content Modifying Ads - Part 2

My tweets and the previous post have gone viral. Lots of reactions both positive and negative. Some retweeted immediately and some calling me a fool for writing about injecting content within an SSL connection. Amazing to see all the responses. There is a pattern to be seen with people who reacted negatively: they tend to don’t care about the ads. Here’s my said tweet: Jangan pake KlikBCA di jaringan @xl123 kecuali login credential lo mau lo share sama xl, kalo begitu monggo. [Read More]

XL Intrusive Content Modifying Banner in Mobile Websites

Last Friday, October 4th 2013 I was hanging out with some friends and while searching for a place to do so, I opened up Urbanesia on it mobile web http://m.urbanesia.com/. While I was searching, I noticed there’s a banner displayed on top of the page, it was definitely not Urbanesia’s and so I got curious. When digging into the mobile web source code, we didn’t activated any codes that’ll lead to any banner placements on top so this banner must surely be injected by a third party. [Read More]

Google Adsense and Facebook Ads Annoyances

I have been having questions every time I am served ads by Google Adsense for the last few months. With Adsense, essentially everywhere you go on the Internet, you are followed by it. Almost any website with ads I visited were serving them from Adsense. It is annoying! Not because of the nature of being served ads but because of being served the same ads over and over. My first reaction when I began realizing how annoying this has been was to figure how Adsense can pull something like this. [Read More]