Android - Create SHA1 Hash

I’ve been toying with Urbanesia’s OAuth provider API calls in Android these few hours regretting why it is so complicated in Java compared to PHP hehehe. Since OAuth’s requirement to generate a signature is using HMAC SHA1 to sign the whole POST & GET requests, I had to find a way to do it in Android’s Java. So I scour Google to look for answers but sadly the results is surprisingly scarce. [Read More]

Hello Urbanesia!

A cheerful morning today. Exactly 1 month before my birthday and the switch to Urbanesia is complete. Very happy to integrate with Urbanesia with the role Chief Innovation Officer. Selina Limman, CEO of Urbanesia told at Urbanesia’s blog here a short recap on how this all began. From my point of view, I just love Urbanesia’s currently over than 200.000 POIs database. No other local website is enriched with that much data and its quality is an example to follow. [Read More]

@Urbanesia API #Android Class

It’s been quite a day today. Did some code reworking with an app I showed you guys in my last posts. I decided to publish the Urbanesia class to Google Code and make it GPL v2.

I encourage everyone to contribute and make more modifications. I’m not as experienced as others in Java, would love to learn more. The Google Code URL is:

Enjoy and empower yourselves developers!

Augment YOUR Reality

Good evening! I’m liking my Nexus One, I’m sure you’ve read it over and over on my last posts. What’s really inspiring is the freedom to do just about anything you want with the phone. I love how I can just push my self-developed applications onto the phone just by using Eclipse. It makes it easier to do testings. No complicated code signing and or certificate applications needed. Anyways, these past few weeks, I’ve been developing an Augmented Reality application for a client. [Read More]