Macbook Air M1 Experience for a Software Engineer

Macbook Air M1 Experience for a Software Engineer
In short, It’s GREAT! What can I say more other than it’s just a fantastic machine to play with. At the moment I have a Macbook Pro 16" i9 top of the line, a Ryzen 5600X gaming PC and this new laptop. The i9 16" is just not in the same league as this M1 Air. But that’s not all I have to say, I’m looking at this from a software engineer’s point of view. [Read More]

Swift Rush

Incidentally, yesterday I reconverted myself as an iPhone user once again. Just in time for Apple WWDC. I thought I was gonne be one of those late buyers who’ll regret what they just bought when not very long, a “better” phone/hardware introduced. On the contrary, this was my most “on time” purchase of an iPhone ever. These couple of years, I’ve limit myself from coding in iOS. I genuinely don’t like Objective-C just like I don’t like Ruby. [Read More]

Trying Out Mac OS X Lion - Gold Release

This weekend is spent trying out and figuring out the latest Mac OS X evolution which is Lion. It’s my second time installing Lion, the first time was with the first seed released by Apple. This time is the so called Gold Release that will most likely be prime candidate for a full release. I got this DMG from the usual suspects and while reading its installation instruction, I was glad to know that it doesn’t involve any DVD disc to do so. [Read More]

Mobile Trends - Looking Back 1 Year

I’m still fairly new to mobile development, just a little over a year. As I dig deeper, it just gets more and more interesting. This won’t be a technical writing like a tutorial but more to how the development scene has been evolving for the past 1 year. Putting it simple: Trends. I started my mobile development efforts with Blackberry. Against all odds, I installed the SDK on a Windows virtual machine using Parallels Desktop. [Read More]