Cheap Ideas are Cheapest to Create

I had 2 lunches today. The second lunch was reinvigorating. The venue was at Hillside Canteen Kompas Gramedia. Cheeky name ain’t it for a well known amazing transit hotel near TB Simatupang. I guess all the creative energy was spent wisely. As always, when you talk and talk, you forget which a leads to b and c and so on and so forth. Basically the talk was about Durex “Fundawear”. If you don’t know about it, get to know, takes flirting to a new level. [Read More]

Mobile Trends - Looking Back 1 Year

I’m still fairly new to mobile development, just a little over a year. As I dig deeper, it just gets more and more interesting. This won’t be a technical writing like a tutorial but more to how the development scene has been evolving for the past 1 year. Putting it simple: Trends. I started my mobile development efforts with Blackberry. Against all odds, I installed the SDK on a Windows virtual machine using Parallels Desktop. [Read More]

Killing Time - Android Apps Instead of Smoking

This few weeks, I’ve been actively downloading and using apps just to try them on and see which ones that’s enough to make my smoking habits go away for a while. Some of it are apps you only use occasionally while some are apps you’d definitely use everyday when it suits you. Basketball Shot - DroidHen This app is addictive because I like the sports and although now I rarely play, I like to go to Timezone and shoot some. [Read More]

7 Must Have Applications for My Android

I just installed myself a slick new ROM for my Nexus One and I figure why not share the applications I deem MUST-HAVE. It would be interesting if in the distant future whether my must-haves still remains the same. Twidroyd - The BEST Twitter client for Android. What made me comfortable instantly was its UI. Everything is right where they’re supposed to be enabling me to Tweet without being confused small buttons for my thumb. [Read More]