DIY Integrated Home Entertainment

I’ve always wanted my own Home Entertainment solution before I bought my Cubieboard. Now, after buying a Raspberry Pi, what I want came true. With some research and a weekend, I got it up and running perfect. What I have in my disposal for this to happen are: Cubieboard A10 with Cubian - NAS, nginx, CouchPotato, Transmission, Headphones and SickBeard Raspberry Pi B with Raspbmc USB Hard Drive - Attached to the Cubieboard OpenWRT Wifi Router - or any router you can manipulate DNS with Another Wifi Router - because the main router’s coverage is spotty upstairs, Raspberry Pi is attached to this router TV with HDMI (obviously) - spare HDMI input for the Raspberry Pi Cubieboard and Raspberry Pi are connected using LAN cables. [Read More]