Local Contents & Talents in Jogja

I am writing this because I can’t code lol. Due to another unprecedented harddrive failure with my Macbook, the night before going to Jogja, I had to reinstalled everything. Some installed right but most of them is still barebone. I did get Xcode to install though :) So instead of writing codes, I’m writing this. A 1 hour flight back to Jakarta will be the deadline. This trip to Jogja made me realize a lot of things. [Read More]

Bancakan 7th Meetup Trip

Wow my second trip to Bancakan, Jogja was full of positivity, optimism and of course knowledge. The trip was 2 days 1 night but the experience I absorbed was well beyond the quantity. The theme for the Bancakan event was Wordpresspreneur. Startups and entrepreneurs as speakers came from Bandung and in and around Jogja. The lineup was very enlightening to say the least :) From Jakarta, I went with Sagad (@sagad) and Ollie (@salsabeela) by train. [Read More]

Sell yourself by being yourself!

YOU are your own Startup! Bancakan v5 - Selling MeView more presentations from Batista R. Harahap. package me.myself; import humility.*; import geekdom.*; import google.*; import experience.*; import vision.*; public class Me extends Myself throws NegativityException { public String me = "Batista Harahap"; public Humility humble; public Geekdom geek; public Experience exp; private Ideas idea; public Vision v; Handler h = new Handler() { @Override public void handleMessage(Message msg) { switch(msg.what) { case GOT_EXPERIENCE: exp. [Read More]

Android Apps for Travelling

Today is a start of a 2 days trip to Bacakan, Jogja and FOWAB, Bandung. For this reason, I started hunting for Android apps that are tailored made for├é┬átravelers. Definitely the kind of apps offer travel-ease and maybe some local content if available. By the way, I haven’t used all of them extensively but worthy of installation nevertheless. So let’s start with the list! Wikitude - wikitude.org This is the first app that came into mind. [Read More]