Mid 2011 - Learning Curves

It’s not exactly Mid 2011, almost a month has passed but I feel it’s still reasonable to title this blog post as it is. In the most cliche way of saying this: A lot has happened. One effort that stands out from all the others is keeping complicated from being complicated. Everything that has been going on for the last 6 months is inspired by a quote saying: Less is More. [Read More]

Augmented Reality App: Poligamy - In Action

Hello again. Happy Sunday everyone! I compiled a video about Poligamy in action. It basically features the barebones of Poligamy. The location data is courtesy of URBANESIA.com. Thanks bro :) [vsw id=“ia9ArARK_jM” source=“youtube” width=“425” height=“344” autoplay=“no”] This video is meant to show the world that Indonesia is right on track technologically speaking. Poligamy is powered by Mediafusion Interactive Communication and a box of The Laughing Cow Belcube - Cheese Spread Cubes. [Read More]