Hello Urbanesia!

A cheerful morning today. Exactly 1 month before my birthday and the switch to Urbanesia is complete. Very happy to integrate with Urbanesia with the role Chief Innovation Officer. Selina Limman, CEO of Urbanesia told at Urbanesia’s blog here a short recap on how this all began. From my point of view, I just love Urbanesia’s currently over than 200.000 POIs database. No other local website is enriched with that much data and its quality is an example to follow. [Read More]

[HELP] Beta Testers Wanted for an Android App

Good evening all. Continuing my Guest Post at DailySocial.net, I’m beta testing an Android app titled Poligamy lol. Need your help :) It’s an app to test real world HTTP connections and also to test Location-related features. I added an Augmented Reality viewer to trigger your geek souls hehe. Poligamy is built upon the Urbanesia class I posted before. It gets its POI data from Urbanesia and distribute the data into 3 main parts of the app which are List View, Map View and Augmented Reality View. [Read More]