Spontaneous Writing Episode II

The second episode of Spontaneous Writing is now in session continuing from this previous session. For tonight, my iTunes is happily playing songs by Tohpati in his rather old solo album. By the way, from what I’ve been trying to do the past few weeks, it seems that only when I got home will then writing moments will be abundant for my fingers. Can’t seem to do this while at the office. [Read More]

Small is NOT so small

It’s been like a few months not posting into my own blog. The 24th day of 2011 and it seems that months have passed by just like that. In the span of 24 days that have passed, every single day is cramped with all the aspects of being a startup. Just today, I went from a programmer, a cable crimper, a business partner, a troubleshooter, a mobile app consultant, a colleague to a friend for a friend, all in just one day. [Read More]

The Inconviniency of Biznet MetroNET

Update: 14 April 2010 - A certain engineer from Biznet called me this afternoon. He was one of the engineers who were responsible for a great Yahoo OHD 2009 Internet connection. He sensibly told me that it was indeed a flaw in their recent policy change and that all MetroNET 1 Mbps accounts are experiencing the same thing. He said there will be a policy change yet again this Saturday so I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed. [Read More]