Blackberry Coordinates From Cell Tower

I’m beginning to like coding in Blackberry since now an official JDE for Mac is available. Then I decided to have a look and prepare myself for some rather annoying but pleasant surprise from Blackberry’s JDE. To be honest, I don’t like Blackberry’s behavior of complicating simple things. But then I learned a lot from the codes. Urbanesia is a location based service and therefore location is very important. I’ve been trying out a few ways to get the device’s location and after all the things I’ve tried, I resorted into plain GMM solution. [Read More]

XL Network Time Slightly Disrupted

Today around 6 PM in the evening, my Blackberry’s time was messed up. The time for no reason was changed to 00:00. I checked my Date/Time settings and found something not right. My operator is XL and what I like from XL is that it supports Network Time sync with my Blackberry. I choose to sync the time and what I found was the Network Time was set at the same 00:00 the next day as my Blackberry. [Read More]

Blackberry Gemini Curve 8520 - OS

OK I’ve been using the new OS for 2 days and everything seem quite unexpected. There are improvements and unfortunately, there are setbacks. I’m gonna talk about setbacks. The most notable difference is when you realize that in your Home screen, you won’t find the Lock icon. This is annoying. I’m used to setting the Lock icon as one of the first 6 icons and most notably, locking the Blackberry with it before putting it in my pocket. [Read More]

RIM Inactive Use or User Hoax

Okay, I’m telling you guys why the RIM Inactive Use or User message is a hoax. I hate broadcast messages because it is like a robotic message being ping-ponged around without any soul in it. Well here’s why it’s a hoax: This is the most important reason: YOU PAID FOR YOUR BLACKBERRY SERVICE! Indonesians are lucky our BB Service plan is unlimited data plan for a fixed rate. Elsewhere in the world, people are capped by the Megabytes of data they send and receive. [Read More]

Mobile Blogging

This is my premier mobile blogging post. I must say I didn’t expect Wordpress to create its own Blackberry application. I was quite disgusted with Wordpress’ email-to-post feature. Just didn’t seem mobile enough lol. With the enormous growth of Blackberry users in the world (particularly in Indonesia), I guess Wordpress doesn’t mind a bit of Java coding to grab a piece of the pie. Anyways, I haven’t dissect the application thoroughly. [Read More]