Python 2.7.5 on CentOS 6.x

For the last few months, I’ve been coding in Python relentlessly. It’s new to me and it just makes sense. The one thing I really like is keeping codes and logic simple. You can comment Python’s OOP implementation but then again, everyone got a favourite right? Most of the servers I handle everyday are CentOS 6.x distros with Python 2.6.x preinstalled by the system. You DON’T wanna upgrade it through yum or any other method, you will break the whole system. [Read More]

Compiling nginx 1.4.0 With SPDY on CentOS 6

Just a few days ago, the latest version of nginx at 1.4.0 was released to the public. The version bump adds a lot of new capabilities for your web stack. The most interesting for me was support for SPDY 2 protocol. Excerpts from Chromium SPDY’s page reads below: As part of the “Let’s make the web faster” initiative, we are experimenting with alternative protocols to help reduce the latency of web pages. [Read More]

Cloud Install Linux With a Browser!

So these past days, I’ve been looking for a nifty replacement (new home) for - The only webhosting with 10 gigs web space for just 200K/year! Sorry for the hard selling gesture, completely intentional :p After a few sessions with Google, I stumbled, it comes with a 7 days free trial I might add. First look at its website does not resemble anything like the other cloud server providers. [Read More]