Mac To Windows In 2021

Mac To Windows In 2021
I made the switch. Not sure if this is going to last but I’m here nevertheless. This blog post is discussing the why and what happened afterwards. The switch came in the form of a Dell XPS 15 9500, supposedly a premium Windows laptop for the mass. Content creators love it, let’s see if the same sentiment echoes with me. Why? Because my Macbook Air M1 is still not in a good place for programming. [Read More]

Disruptive Habitats

In awe is common when something beyond the norm happens, usually having with it positive reinforcements of what’s common. On this note I wanna base this blog post: what if we’re entrapped in a bubble of our own perception of what’s common? The human brain is a fraction of a second late to reality. This means that our brain perceive what’s real in a rather subjective manner. Our reality is shaped by our own perception of it. [Read More]

Church and Technology

Had an eventful night and for the first time in my life, I am of service to my Church. A few weeks ago, I read about the Church’s Database team needing help in technical areas. Always wanted to somehow offer myself for service and the chance is now. Last week was the first meeting talking about what the general concepts are. I was surprised really. The Church elders always seem like they are a few generations behind but the meeting last week showed none of it. [Read More]