Code Hinting & Autocompletion for CodeIgniter in PHPStorm

Finally, moving back and forth between models, views and controllers is just too distracting and time consuming. I had to find another way to navigate my way between codes. I tweeted asking about alternative IDEs in Mac OS X to achieve this. Turns out there is a way! I got a tip from @LuisFAlonso (THANK YOU!) to check out instructions from a blog here. I followed the instructions and restarted PHPStorm afterwards. [Read More]

Hacking CodeIgniter for Persistent Timestamped Cache with Memcache

I’ve got myself a long title for a blog post this time. This post is exactly what the title says. Been twisting my head figuring out how to bypass CodeIgniter’s internal to hack CodeIgniter’s ability to do a persistent timestamped cache of generated HTML contents using Memcached. I couldn’t find any other way to speed up cached HTML content serving within the framework, so after a long talk with @chazzuka, I made the choice to skip framework. [Read More]

HandlerSocket Client Library for CodeIgniter

These past weeks, I’ve been amazed by the amazing performance offered by HandlerSocket right out of the box. You’d amaze yourself after reading a blog post by Yoshinori Matsunobu about the topic, he managed to get 750 thousands queries per second!

Well I wanted to try it on my own and see how it goes. Here’s a CodeIgniter library intended just for that!


CodeIgniter Session With Memcache + Anti Bots!

Last night was a thrilling change of routine. Urbanesia was crippled because of the unprecedented growth of our MongoDB databases. I must admit that MongoDB is like Memcache with steroids, well it overdosed. MongoDB doesn’t have any mechanism to limit its memory usages, the only limit we can define is the size of its individual files. Therefore, something must be done! The second flaw was with CodeIgniter by design. By default, CodeIgniter uses its own Session handling mechanism either by using cookie and or database. [Read More]