Community Audio – Music – Part 3

Here I go again blogging about my own music. It’s been quite a while since I listen to any of the songs I wrote. The statistics at The Internet Archive - Community Audio is a welcomed surprise. This is also a premier blog post using Pro’s custom domain. So 1 day after 65 years of Indonesia, I’m in a old and new mood :) Starting off the list is a song I wrote when I was able to partly let go of someone but yeah, still wishing for something. [Read More]

Community Audio - Music - Part 1

It’s been more than 5 years since I uploaded my first Creative Commons Licensed music now referred as Community Audio at Bottom-line, looking at the statistics, I was in smiles :) The Internet Archive is more accessible to the mass it reads. There’s this song that I feel is in tune with #StartupLokal hehehe. When I wrote the song, I was on a transitional phase. The song is titled “Ain’t Sorry” and it was sung by my cousin Ina. [Read More]