Create Your Own Android Splash Screen and Boot Animation

So far my experience compiling my own version of Android using CyanogenMod 7.1 here is as sharp as it can be. I’m running it smoothly on my Nexian Journey and it’s time to do some changes to CM’s default theme to show my own. Either creating the splash screen or the boot animation, each of the tasks have its own complication. I’m gonna start off by creating a boot animation. [Read More]

Download Flash 10.1 Beta for Android Froyo 2.2

Okay so you’ve updated your Android to Froyo 2.2 but when you go into Flash enabled websites, what’s supposed to be Flash applets is just a blue box with a question mark. So other than the speed acceleration and other below-the-hood upgrades, where’s that Flash support Google and Adobe is barking about? Don’t get all too disappointed because you can install Flash now. For some reason, in my Nexus One, Flash wasn’t there. [Read More]