Nexian Journey - Froyo - CyanogenMod 6.1.1 STABLE

Back again with another post about Nexian Journey. The wait is complete for a stable Froyo mod from Cyanogen. The stable mod was released on 12 December 2010. Now let’s get our hacking mood on and get that mod into our Nexian Journey shall we? [UPDATE] Fixed missing Google Apps MDPI Link :) If you haven’t followed the steps in my last post here, please do so. Here’s some requirements for the mod to happen: CyanogenMod 6. [Read More]

Upgrade Nexian Journey to Froyo - Cyanogen Mod 6.1

The first Cyanogen Mod build for Nexian Journey is quite the rush. By default, the CPU is forced to run at 800 MHz, that’s more than the 600 MHz capability of the phone. Luckily, the next build now defaults to 600 MHz and that’s the build I’m upgrading my phone with. The requirements to upgrade is the following: Upgrade your phone to Eclair if you’re not already in Eclair. Steps to do so after the break. [Read More]

Android & iPhone - NOT an Objective Opinion

Let everyone who is reading this be warned that this is NOT an objective article about either of the platform. So politely for fanboys, I’m just expressing my experience using both. It’s a love and hate relationship for me so both are winners and losers. The first of the two that I own and used everyday is an iPhone 3G 8 Gigs. I must tell you that every iPhone is a masterpiece of great User Interface (UI) design. [Read More]

Download Flash 10.1 Beta for Android Froyo 2.2

Okay so you’ve updated your Android to Froyo 2.2 but when you go into Flash enabled websites, what’s supposed to be Flash applets is just a blue box with a question mark. So other than the speed acceleration and other below-the-hood upgrades, where’s that Flash support Google and Adobe is barking about? Don’t get all too disappointed because you can install Flash now. For some reason, in my Nexus One, Flash wasn’t there. [Read More]

Update Your Nexus One to Froyo - Android 2.2 NOW!

I’m one of the happiest Nexus One owner today! Thanks to the guys at Modaco, my Nexus One is now an official Froyo! It’s the biggest smile I’ve had since a while lol. Updating it was a breeze as long as your Nexus One is already rooted. Next up is a walkthrough on how to get a Froyo for yours. [caption id=“attachment_376” align=“aligncenter” width=“230” caption=“Froyo anyone?”][/caption] First of before going any further, you MUST root your Nexus One first. [Read More]