Google Adsense and Facebook Ads Annoyances

I have been having questions every time I am served ads by Google Adsense for the last few months. With Adsense, essentially everywhere you go on the Internet, you are followed by it. Almost any website with ads I visited were serving them from Adsense. It is annoying! Not because of the nature of being served ads but because of being served the same ads over and over. My first reaction when I began realizing how annoying this has been was to figure how Adsense can pull something like this. [Read More]

Google Analytics JS - Here's a Non JS Fix

This will be the second time I once again dissect what is really happening with Urbanesia’s analytic results. The first time I dealt with it, we ended up breaking our own sacred oath not putting any inline Javascript with our HTML. Well now, we ended up not using any Javascript (in the future). These past few weeks our servers recorded an increase compared with previous months and somehow Google Analytics is not showing anything unusual. [Read More]

Android Apps NOT Safe - Really?

This past 24 hours, tech blogs around the globe have been pointing out that 1 out of 5 Android apps are exposing private data and actually acting as spyware. I’m amused by this issue being reported nearing iPhone HD’s launch. But I will say that the reports are true. You guys must know that I’m an Android developer as you can see by the tag cloud in my blog is heavy with Android. [Read More]

Google Nexus One, How GREAT!

Okay I just got myself a Google Nexus One from one of the best Indonesian community in the WWW. Kaskus’ FJB is the most exciting e-commerce website for Indonesians. I’m still waiting for my Android SDK downloads to finish and I though why not blog about my new toy :) While unboxing the N1, I noticed that the packaging is quite sleek with Google colors accentuated just enough to have a Googlish feeling about the box. [Read More]