Overkilling Privacy Protection with ExpressVPN and VirtualBox on a Hackintosh

Overkilling Privacy Protection with ExpressVPN and VirtualBox on a Hackintosh
I live in Indonesia. Here, ISP and telcos likes to do the absurd: hijacking DNS queries. Public DNS services like Google (, Cloudflare (, OpenDNS (, etc are hijacked at the ISP level. Even more so, if you’re on Telkom Indihome, they will also hijack websites you visit with their content. All the other telcos are doing the same thing for our paid data plans. So I thought why not overkill this, I got plenty of RAM, CPU Cores and storage on my Hackintosh. [Read More]

Hacking DailySocial's News

DailySocial.net is a tech blog founded by Rama Mamuaya. I enjoy visiting DailySocial and reading about the Indonesian tech scene. But yet I’ve grown weary of filtering news to read. So why not hack a news classifier I thought. Core Computing It took 10 minutes to hack something up in Python. Why so fast you ask? Because text processing is second nature in Python. NLTK is good but TextBlob is great. [Read More]

Icy Start - Soon!

It’s 14 March 2014 and 2 things have happened. The first is @Jokowi_do2 running for President, Yeay! And the second is me finalizing my beginning at Ice House! After resigning from Urbanesia, more doors opened. I am humbled by the opportunities offered but Ice House is hard to resist. There are a lot of like minded people already aboard. In particular @femmerling. Further more, I can’t resist the opportunity to build. [Read More]

Cubieboard A10 - Part 3 - SATA Install with Cubian

Managed to get a temporary micro-SD Card lending from my wife and so a new episode with my Cubieboard starts. First off is to get the image writing to the micro-SD Card correctly. The problem is, I don’t have the SD Card adapter for the micro-SD Card. My Macbook has an SD Card reader but it’s useless without the adapter. So I rebooted my wife’s Galaxy S2 into the recovery ROM and mounted the micro-SD Card to my Macbook. [Read More]

Cubieboard - Part 2 - VPN

So after setting my Cubieboard for my liking, another thing I want is to be able to access it anywhere and anytime. The trouble is, the ISP I am with right now is blocking all incoming ports, needs a work around. After some browsing and also from past experiences, I feel PPTP is my best bet. Incredibly easy to implement from a client/server perspective. The challenge is to keep the tunnel open at all times. [Read More]

Cubieboard - Part 1

Yesterday, my Cubieboard A10 board arrived, Yeay! I got it from Ebay for US$ 58. Long story short, I now have the most powerful remote control for 10 Watts. To top it up, I created a DIY case from the foam provided on the package. Installing Lubuntu into NAND I don’t have a micro-SD card handy right now so I scoured the Internet on how get Linux running in it without a micro-SD card. [Read More]

Accident Happens

Just a few days ago, an accident happened. It was 4 AM and I am moving this blog over to CloudKilat. Already got the MySQL dump transferred, would need to have the whole site rsync-ed to the new server. So I did it. Without me realizing, I misplaced the source and destination ending up the new server’s home directory rsync-ed to the original server. A fundamental mistake. Luckily, as I said above, the MySQL dump is already safe at hand so to rebuild another Wordpress blog would be a matter of configurations. [Read More]

Microsoft Windows 8 Bootcamp Bandung

Urbanesia was invited to Microsoft Window 8’s Bootcamp in Bandung last weekend. Me, Arieditya and Aditya went there to see and experience ourselves the technical depth provided by the Windows 8 team. To cut things short, the experience was reinvigorating! After a bunch of process of liking, hating, yeah right-ing, hating, liking and now loving, I felt Microsoft’s attention to developers is an example to follow for other big names. [Read More]

Local Contents & Talents in Jogja

I am writing this because I can’t code lol. Due to another unprecedented harddrive failure with my Macbook, the night before going to Jogja, I had to reinstalled everything. Some installed right but most of them is still barebone. I did get Xcode to install though :) So instead of writing codes, I’m writing this. A 1 hour flight back to Jakarta will be the deadline. This trip to Jogja made me realize a lot of things. [Read More]