Happy 7th of August - 2013

It has come to this specific day of the year. The 7th of August! Wishing everyone a happy and joyous day today. Thank you for all the well wishes from friends and family. I am grateful I am incremented for another year. Especially this year because this is the last unmarried 7th of August in my life. The years following this day, I will be married to fine and loving woman whom last night has given me more will and strength to keep going and do what I do best. [Read More]

What a Day this 2nd of July 2010

Today is a FULL day for me. Aside from being a full day, it’s a day of happiness for me personally and├é┬áprofessionally. My biology clock today was a bit off, but it’s well worth the day. The day started at 00:00 and at that time I was in front of my MacBook coding. I sometimes wonder why I code. I was coding for a dream I once had with friends and wanting to live the dream again. [Read More]