HMAC-SHA1 Base64 Result With Objective-C

A few days of hard done nights were all inspired by faulty encodings. Talk about “Hello World” experiences LOL. Keeping things in mind, to really smooth things up between Objective-C and PHP, in any Objective-C functions needing to encode/decode strings like PHP, here’s the encoding type: NSASCIIStringEncoding Do not interchange this with any other or things will go wrong :( Here are snippets to generate HMAC-SHA1 hashes in its Base64 form encoded correctly for OAUTH v1. [Read More]

Android - Create SHA1 Hash

I’ve been toying with Urbanesia’s OAuth provider API calls in Android these few hours regretting why it is so complicated in Java compared to PHP hehehe. Since OAuth’s requirement to generate a signature is using HMAC SHA1 to sign the whole POST & GET requests, I had to find a way to do it in Android’s Java. So I scour Google to look for answers but sadly the results is surprisingly scarce. [Read More]