Large Storage VPS for Android Mirror

Been trying to build my own Android build server only to find insufficient resource to do so like here. After some digging around, I found the perfect deal for this to happen. I found Reliable Hosting Services while reading through some blog posts here. The specs I went for is below: 2 CPU Cores 1 GB RAM 200 GB Disk 1000 GB Bandwidth Price: US$ 5/month Got it for cheap using a coupon code available at the blog post link I posted above. [Read More]

My latest adventure! I proclaim myself not just as a web developer but also a web hoster now :) Never really thought about it before until recently. I’m frustrated by the lack of options with just any web hosts. None really offers dynamics when it comes to what I need. A purely simple example is SSH access. Have a look out there and almost none offer SSH. If security is their reasoning then their just not fit to become a web host. [Read More]