Capres Pilihan

Ini bukan blog post tentang siapa yang lebih unggul dari kedua pasangan Capres & Cawapres. Sama sekali tidak bermaksud untuk bilang yang satu lebih kurang dibanding yang lain, tidak. Ini adalah sesuatu yang sangat personal untuk saya karena selama 5 tahun ke depan kepada pasangan terpilih, masa depan saya dan keluarga ada di tangan pasangan tersebut. Profesi saya di dunia teknologi mengajarkan bahwa kemampuan saya untuk dapat berkembang tidak mengenal batasan. [Read More]

SSL Audit - Top Indonesian Websites

I came across Qualys SSL Labs a few minutes ago while reading through Hacker News. Immediately triggered my interest to question how secure top websites in Indonesia when it comes to their SSL. Urbanesia Since I am at Urbanesia, the first goto is clear. Typed in and the initial audit result was needs more work. So the audit results came back as a B. The server didn't mitigate BEAST attack and that's the main reason the grade was dropped. [Read More]

Products & Technology

Tons of blogs and various other reading sources discuss about products & technology across different perspectives and also geographically. What may be successful in one country (area) could be successful in other places or it may fail horribly. The point is, products are hand made using technology as its driver, a fact that is always true anywhere in the world. So what’s the deal here in Indonesia? Usually between products & technology, they both play catch up with each other depending on the product owner’s focus. [Read More]

Accommodating Talents

This has been a fun day of basketball with the guys. I can’t find myself to sleep at this hour because after a few years of never exercising and or playing any kind of sports, I was too drained. So here I am writing a blog post about something Rama and me talked about before we played. About a week ago, I caught up with Ariel and Okto at Setiabudi One to have some geek talks. [Read More]

Startup Belly

These past few weeks, I’ve been indulging myself into reading numerous articles both local and abroad about Startups. Most of the articles are written by people from outside the startup bubble looking inside. This boils down into again, Perspective. I’m sure everyone has got something to say about startups, so do I lol. I am part of a Startup that has gone through significant changes internally. I say significant because it’s a different beast since I first joined. [Read More]

The Indonesian Digital Landscape From a Developer's Point of View

These past few months I had spent my days developing, I’ve been out from the digital community for quite a while. Only a few meetups with light discussions were my extracurricular activities, the rest was mostly spent learning on new platforms and new mindsets. It’s been more than a year since my first introduction to the digital community in Indonesia. StartupLokal was the first amongst many. Nowadays, I haven’t attended the monthly meetups due to conflicting schedules. [Read More]

Spontaneous Writing

Okay the title says it all. Been wanting to write a blog post all day but didn’t really got the time until now. This will be the 3rd night in December when insomnia is becoming a habit. Anyways, I wanted to write but I wanna do it “spur of the moment” style. So this blog post will talk about anything that pops up in my mind, bear with me :p [Read More]

Indonesia is Internet Literate - FOR SURE!

It has been a full week! Had a lot of code refactorings, Obama, #StartupLokal and most definitely inspiration. The more I explore the business of being online in Indonesia, the more I realized that Indonesia is a market unique, vast, consumptive and most importantly very open to new ideas. You can’t see how open Indonesia is offline-wise, in the online world, Indonesia is not only the next big thing, it is the big thing! [Read More]

Augmented Reality App: Poligamy - In Action

Hello again. Happy Sunday everyone! I compiled a video about Poligamy in action. It basically features the barebones of Poligamy. The location data is courtesy of Thanks bro :) [vsw id=“ia9ArARK_jM” source=“youtube” width=“425” height=“344” autoplay=“no”] This video is meant to show the world that Indonesia is right on track technologically speaking. Poligamy is powered by Mediafusion Interactive Communication and a box of The Laughing Cow Belcube - Cheese Spread Cubes. [Read More]

Brilliant Minds at #StartupLokal Gathering

This Thursday night is a moment where innovation and most importantly being local matters. The potentials and ideas that we as Indonesians have are off the chart and I mean that!├é┬áIndonesian Startups need mentoring and that’s a confession. [caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“384” caption=“"][/caption] Every one of us either startups or well established online businesses are connected in a way that we NEED to bring out synergy between us. Each one of us brings something to the table. [Read More]