Sphinx - Fulltext Search Engine - Part 1

It has been a few weeks after my first encounter with this Egyptian named gem called Sphinx. At first glance, it’s complicated when looking at an already made sphinx.conf. However, after careful redesigning and re-tinkering, it turns out to be one of the most flexible and yet light fulltext search engine available today. There are others but nothing as light, fast and sleek as Sphinx. The cold truth is that Sphinx is supporting SQL based databases as far as I know. [Read More]

Android Apps NOT Safe - Really?

This past 24 hours, tech blogs around the globe have been pointing out that 1 out of 5 Android apps are exposing private data and actually acting as spyware. I’m amused by this issue being reported nearing iPhone HD’s launch. But I will say that the reports are true. You guys must know that I’m an Android developer as you can see by the tag cloud in my blog is heavy with Android. [Read More]

A #hackintosh for everyone hehe - Part 1

Today was a loooong day. Started the day with a meeting with @farry till late in the afternoon and went back to the office to do some more work for Android. Coupled with 3 very bad experiences in 1 day from XL, it’s a long and complete day. I thought why not make some fun by building a hackintosh? I have 2 unused PCs at home and I’m not wasting them. [Read More]