Indonesia is Internet Literate - FOR SURE!

It has been a full week! Had a lot of code refactorings, Obama, #StartupLokal and most definitely inspiration. The more I explore the business of being online in Indonesia, the more I realized that Indonesia is a market unique, vast, consumptive and most importantly very open to new ideas. You can’t see how open Indonesia is offline-wise, in the online world, Indonesia is not only the next big thing, it is the big thing! [Read More]

Setting up #Android with #IndosatM2 Broom

I’ve had it with XL, my tolerance is over my threshold for patience. I turned to Indosat M2’s Broom Unlimited. For IDR 200.000 I got 3 GB of data at max speed and throttled down to 64 Kbps for overusages. It’s a good enough deal :) So here’s the settings for your Android phone: Name: im2 - change this to whatever you like APN: indosatm2 Proxy: <Not Set> Port: <Not Set> Username: fill this with the username you registered your SIM card initially. [Read More]