HMAC-SHA1 Base64 Result With Objective-C

A few days of hard done nights were all inspired by faulty encodings. Talk about “Hello World” experiences LOL. Keeping things in mind, to really smooth things up between Objective-C and PHP, in any Objective-C functions needing to encode/decode strings like PHP, here’s the encoding type: NSASCIIStringEncoding Do not interchange this with any other or things will go wrong :( Here are snippets to generate HMAC-SHA1 hashes in its Base64 form encoded correctly for OAUTH v1. [Read More]

URLEncode With Objective C - The OAUTH Way

Coming from a PHP background, we should all be thankful to rawurlencode() from PHP! Here’s an Objective C version with OAUTH v1.0a requirements.

- (NSString *)urlencode:(NSString *)text {
    NSString *temp = @"";

    for(int i=0, max=[text length]; i=0x30 && b<=0x39) ||
           (b>=0x41 && b<=0x5A) ||
           (b>=0x61 && b<=0x7A)
            ) {
            temp = [temp stringByAppendingFormat:@"%c", t];
        } else {
            temp = [temp stringByAppendingString:@"%"];
            if (b <= 0xf) temp = [temp stringByAppendingString:@"0"];
            temp = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%X", temp, b];
    return temp;

OAUTHnesia Client for Objective-C

Okay for the last few hours, I’ve been learning how to code in Objective-C and the first result is an OAUTH client for Urbanesia. I haven’t tested thoroughly though. The class basically wraps POST & GET requests to Urbanesia with OAUTH requirements. Instantiating the class, you will have to provide Consumer Key & Secret obtained from Urbanesia. The current implementation requires User Key & Secret for every requests too. Future release of OAUTHnesia will include non Use Key/Secret methods and XAUTH. [Read More]

Local Contents & Talents in Jogja

I am writing this because I can’t code lol. Due to another unprecedented harddrive failure with my Macbook, the night before going to Jogja, I had to reinstalled everything. Some installed right but most of them is still barebone. I did get Xcode to install though :) So instead of writing codes, I’m writing this. A 1 hour flight back to Jakarta will be the deadline. This trip to Jogja made me realize a lot of things. [Read More]

Mobile Trends - Looking Back 1 Year

I’m still fairly new to mobile development, just a little over a year. As I dig deeper, it just gets more and more interesting. This won’t be a technical writing like a tutorial but more to how the development scene has been evolving for the past 1 year. Putting it simple: Trends. I started my mobile development efforts with Blackberry. Against all odds, I installed the SDK on a Windows virtual machine using Parallels Desktop. [Read More]

Android & iPhone - NOT an Objective Opinion

Let everyone who is reading this be warned that this is NOT an objective article about either of the platform. So politely for fanboys, I’m just expressing my experience using both. It’s a love and hate relationship for me so both are winners and losers. The first of the two that I own and used everyday is an iPhone 3G 8 Gigs. I must tell you that every iPhone is a masterpiece of great User Interface (UI) design. [Read More]

Istri ketiga, keempat dan kelima AR

Sebelum mulai dengan artikel ini, saya refresh dulu memori istri-istri AR. Istri ketiga dan keempat AR jika disatukan menjadi Mobile Location Based Service dan say hello kepada istri kelima AR yaitu WWW alias World Wide Web atau yang biasa dikenal sebagai Web. Melalui kedua video sebelumnya, dapat anda saksikan sebuah aplikasi Android yang memanfaatkan hampir semua istri AR sejauh ini dalam satu aplikasi. Dengan menggunakan fitur-fitur deteksi lokasi yang terdapat pada hampir semua smartphone saat ini, AR telah berubah menjadi sebuah aplikasi yang memberikan pratayang kepada kita semua tentang masa depan. [Read More]