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Java is an interesting fat lady if ur into BBW PHP is a supermodel still figuring out her identity JavaScript is a transvestite in Thailand: sexy, hot but not a woman still C is the girl that got away Objective C is someone you'd marry if you just spend more time understanding her Ruby is a definitely the best one night stand ever Bash is ugly but always there when you need her SQL can handle anything, works best on a threesome with NoSQL NoSQL is marriage material if only she understood me better Basic is the one we all shagged :p Virginity is a luxury lost over n over with developers alike with each new Hello World Python is muscular like her name but will u date muscular all the time? [Read More]

Android - AsyncTask Is A Beauty - Part 2

Here goes the second part of a short tutorial of how beautiful AsyncTask is, the first tutorial is here. Now that we’re moving up to our second activity which is Hacktivate, a brief description about it is that this activity essentially puts all the data retrieved previously and populate a custom layout ListView. To make reading and understanding easier, here are the codes first before anything else. package com.bango.acerid; import java. [Read More]

Android - AsyncTask Is A Beauty - Part 1

Since last weekend, I’ve been coding more on Android and although the topic about AsyncTask is nothing new, I just wanna bring it up again to appreciate its simplicity and more importantly in real world usable best practice. So I decided to create an RSS client from FeedBurner and this time to get feeds from The application basically loads all the feeds with its first Activity, show it with the second activity and another helper Activity to send direct emails for questions related with Acer products. [Read More]

Mobile Trends - Looking Back 1 Year

I’m still fairly new to mobile development, just a little over a year. As I dig deeper, it just gets more and more interesting. This won’t be a technical writing like a tutorial but more to how the development scene has been evolving for the past 1 year. Putting it simple: Trends. I started my mobile development efforts with Blackberry. Against all odds, I installed the SDK on a Windows virtual machine using Parallels Desktop. [Read More]

Urbanesia API Wrapper Released - Merry Christmas!

Before anything else, I would love to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, have a great holiday and may the Christmas spirit make all of us ready for 2011. God bless you all :) This 2 days I’ve been working on a wrapper class to wrap Urbanesia’s OAuth and xAuth authentication for our API. The main idea was to keep it as simple and as easy as possible. Here’s my Christmas present :) [Read More]

Augmented Reality with #Wikitude API

I told you before that I’m gonna talk about another Augmented Reality framework. The framework is a great product from one of Augmented Reality’s early adopter namely Wikitude. Generally speaking, it’s more complicated than Mixare but offers more customization and definitely more features. I’m gonna build this tutorial with the following features: External Data Source - I’m using JSON from API. In-app WebView bindings - To display WebViews of any POIs URL. [Read More]