On Docker - As A Software Engineer

Last week, I went for the ocassional time a geek gets to down a few bottles of beer with other geeks. The conversations started with the usual “How are you"s but being geeks it led to various talks about tech. One of it was me telling everyone about Docker. One of the reactions about Docker was why am I willing to complicate myself when the scale isn’t there yet? A valid argument. [Read More]

Continuous Web Development with Flask & Jenkins

We’ve all heard of Continuous Integration (CI). This blog post is a practical example of the topic with web development in Python and CI with Jenkins. A bit of Test Driven Development (TDD) is practiced. Ultimately it’s the reader’s choice to figure out what’s right your themselves. Why CI? The idea is to create a process of which in practice builds foundation for software. A safety net to catch defects early is part of the side effect, localizing complex systems into micro parts and test them to ensure quality over time. [Read More]