One More Week

Last Monday, we went to the doctor for Eci’s weekly pregnancy checkup. There were reasons for my wife prohibiting her to deliver the child normally. We’d knew about it during the last ~9 months but that day, it really struck me deep. We are about to be parents in one more week. All the right (and wrong) choices I made in the past did not prepared me at all for being a father. [Read More]

Hi D

My blog is a place for my own personal branding, well this post is the “personal” in personal branding. I rarely write like this but here goes anyways. On my 30th birthday, just a few days before it, someone came into my life and she shook the living world out of me. Caught me off guard and boy The Guy Above knows what each of us need in His own perfect timing. [Read More]


Ah not often I write blog posts with only a word as its title, this will be the first for 2011. Couldn’t think of any other title suiting for what I have in mind. It’s just it, compartments. More often than not, in life generally, everyone of us are obliged to do and think horizontally vast and wide making our heads divided into compartments. All of those compartments are often problems right? [Read More]

What a Day this 2nd of July 2010

Today is a FULL day for me. Aside from being a full day, it’s a day of happiness for me personally and├é┬áprofessionally. My biology clock today was a bit off, but it’s well worth the day. The day started at 00:00 and at that time I was in front of my MacBook coding. I sometimes wonder why I code. I was coding for a dream I once had with friends and wanting to live the dream again. [Read More]